Biur chametz

Biur chametz (Burning Chametz) 2024 – dates, laws and customs.

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תוכן עניינים

Bi’ur chametz (burning of chametz) – customs laws

In the morning before Passover, it is permissible to eat chametz until the end of the fourth hour of the day. After that, only kosher for Passover foods are eaten. Matzah shouldn’t be eaten yet because it is saved for Seder night.
It is customary to wash hands and brush your teeth to ensure all chametz has been washed properly.
Now there is one left to place all the chametz containers and and any other chametz sold on Passover in marked cabinets and collect the rest for burning the chametz.

Burning of chametz

Chametz is burned on the 14th of Nisan – the day next to Passover before the fifth hour of the day. This year (2024) it is 04/22/2024.
It is essential to mention that the burning of chametz is done after the night before we inspect it by candlelight.

End of Bi’ur chametz time 2024 (according to Chabad custom)
Tel Aviv, Israel: 11:32

Nullifying chametz:

After burning the chametz, say the text of canceling the nullifying and a special prayer.

The wording of nullification

“All chametz, leaven and leavened bread, that is in my possession which I have not seen, removed or is unknown to me, should be annulled and considered ownerless like the dust of the earth.”

What do you do with the chametz left at home?

The valuable chametz left at home is sold to the gentiles; you can sell chametz online on the website. Read a guide for Passover on a separate page.

Why do you burn chametz?

Burning your chametz before Passover is a mitzvah from the Torah as it says: “on the very first day you shall remove leaven from your houses”
According to Hasidut, the chametz implies pride, and the burning of the chametz means the subjugation of the being and the evil inclination.

Biur chametz

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